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Why is good morale important?

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Do your employees trudge into work with despair etched on their faces? Is laughter in the workplace a distant memory? Your employees’ morale may need a boost.

Happy employees are productive employees, so the saying goes, and there is a definite link between productivity and morale.

High morale in the workplace is essential to success.But good morale is more than just hearing laughter around the coffee machine–it’s also about your employees having confidence, discipline and a willingness to perform.

When employees feel good about their work, they want to work hard,accomplish goals and tend to invest more emotionally in their job.

When they don’t feel good, they are less productive, and prone to withdrawing their efforts and adopting counterproductive behaviour.

With low morale comes a high price tag. A study by US management thinktankThe Gallup Organization estimates that there are 22 million actively disengaged employees costing the American economy as much as $350 billion dollars per year in lost productivity including absenteeism, illness and other problems that result when employees are unhappy at work.

Low morale also leads to an increasing number of errors in the workplace.

Industrial psychologists have found that employees with poor morale have a more negative attitude toward their firm and its safety rules, which leads to less compliance with these rules and more risk taking behaviors.

The obvious potential is more frequent and severe injuries – a particular concern in safety critical industries such as mining and manufacturing.

Workers in the mining industry often experience stress such as fatigue, feelings of anxiety, loneliness and depression, all of which lead to low morale.

Some other causes of low morale include a lack of advancement opportunities, poor leadership, lack of effective communication, chaotic or constantly changing working conditions and poor commitment to safety.

To improve workplace productivity you must understand what boosts the morale of people in your group, and what undermines it.

Steps which can be taken include improving leadership skills, ensuring employees feel like their work is more than just a job, mixing up the way you do things, celebrating accomplishments, following up on problems and demonstrating that safety is a priority.

Keeping employee morale high is essential to maintaining a productive workplace. Remember, it is the people you employ who are the driving force in the success or failure of your business.

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