10 Essentials of High Performing Leadership Teams

Five friends uniting their hands to make a star

Kellie Mills (CAHRI)

TeamWhisperer, Cultural Change Facilitator, Speaker, Coach

High Performing Leadership Teams

by Kellie Mills

The success of any organisation is driven by its leaders.

A Dysfunctional Leadership team leads to poor outcomes throughout all levels of the company. A Performing Leadership team can produce good results, however a High Performing Leadership Team can produce exceptional results, and is better placed to grow the organisation and deal with the various challenges along the way.

The following are, from my 21 years experience as a ‘Team Whisperer’ and Leadership Trainer, the key elements of a High Performing Leadership team:

1.    There is genuine TRUST within the team and the team members have each other’s back.

2.    All team members demonstrate RESPECT for each other’s roles and responsibilities.

3.    The leadership team members collectively demonstrate the company VALUES in their behaviour, decision making and communication. They sing from the same song book.

4.    The managers don’t work in SILOS, they are not territorial and do not undermine each other.

5.    They are willing to SHARE KNOWLEDGE and focus on the success of the business over their own personal ambition.

6.    They are mature enough to be able to engage in CONSTRUCTIVE CONFLICT that leads to positive outcomes. They don’t avoid the difficult conversations and they don’t take personal pot shots.

7.    They are CONSISTENT in the messaging they deliver through the organisation. They can disagree in the boardroom, but then show support for the decisions made when they are out talking to the troops.

8.    They value the DIVERSITY within the team and acknowledge each other’s STRENGTHS. They are not threatened by the abilities of their colleagues.

9.    They utilise POSSIBILITY thinking. They turn problems into learning opportunities and don’t look to blame.

10. They PROBLEM SOLVE together and CELEBRATE their wins.

If you are wanting to take your performing team and turn it into a high performing team, contact Kellie Mills to discuss how. www.millseaton.com.au